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Mojacar weather whims in January 2017


Mojacar weather and it’s strange mood beginning of 2017

Mojacar’s weather forecast

The Mojacar weather forecast, in general, is a nice thing to listen to, and it goes something like this:

The mild Mediterranean climate enables visits of Andalusia to be made all over the year. All kinds of activities can be practiced between December and February along the Sun Coast (Costa del Sol) region except swimming. (Source:

Mojacar weather is always brilliant! So far so good! The first three winters after buying our beautiful Cortijo have been exactly like that. We have had lovely lunches on the beaches in the sun; sometimes we needed a sweatshirt, but most of the time we didn’t. In the evenings, when the sun set at about 18:00h, we had to take care that our fire was already burning to warm ourselves while reading a good book on the sofa. But during daytime in general, we enjoyed some nice and warm 20°C.

January 2017 was some kind of different though

What we got in 2017 though was the complete opposite. In November, temperatures dropped quite significantly below average. We had heavy rainfalls accompanied by storms, and the damages it did provided a good amount of turnover to our craftsmen. December was very cold as well, which made the supplier of the oil for our central heating (thank god we have one) even richer than our craftsmen, and clothes shops could have sold a massive amount of winter clothes if only they would have had them in stock.

By the middle of January it got a bit better. We had a few sunny days. Although they were too cold for us, our guests thought it was warm enough to dive into the pool. Proof can be found on some pictures on Facebook. They thought the weather in Mojácar was perfect — well, they compared it to the weather “back home”, so that’s alright 😀.

Please don’t take the sun back home

With our guests’ departure, and as they took that little bit of sunny weather with them, we had a severe onset of winter. And what a winter it was. After 34 years, we saw snow falling. And no, I’m not talking about the Sierra Nevada. Sure, there was snow in the Sierras all around us, but that’s pretty normal. But now, it was also snowing in the generally far too warm coastal region. The Andalusians were really excited, and I guess social media has never ever seen so many “snowy pictures” from southern Spain.

For reasons of evidence, we have some photos for you showing people that usually come here to enjoy a cycling holiday at this time of the year.

We all will probably never forget this start into 2017 and the crazy weather in Mojácar and its surroundings. With these impressions, we leave you for today. Because we still have an appointment with the weather god. And we urgently need to talk him into starting spring a bit earlier in future 😀.

¡Hasta pronto! and by the way – Mojacar weather is getting better! For sure!



The actual weather forecast for Mojacar:

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