Hiking in Andalusia

The best hikes in the province of Almería

Hiking in the east of Andalusia
from the coast to the mountains

After having bought our house in Andalusia, while cleaning up we came across a wooden box. A treasure you might think, or at least a scavenger hunt map? … Truth be told, we knew that no worthy inheritance was waiting for us beneath its lid… but it turned out to be something much better, almost priceless: the box was full of petrified shells and other fossils. A sign. We knew what we will start to look for when the day came.

Hiking in Andalusia – The journey is the reward

Granted, in the first few years after moving from Germany to the Spanish province of Almería, we had long to-do lists to complete, meaning that hiking wasn’t exactly at the top of our list of priorities… and when we eventually found time for hiking, we didn’t manage to put everything down in writing and visually document our adventures, as a proper website operator should do 🙂 .

Luckily, all of that has now improved:

  • Our Cortijo has been extensively rebuilt and renovated
  • The marketing has been … mas o menos, as the Spaniard might say
  • Recipes, cuisine and wine (especially the latter) are doing very well.

Finally, we found the time for our hobbies. Activities that for once have nothing to do with eating or drinking; namely hiking in Almería, Andalusia. Okay, figuratively speaking, of course, eating and drinking are interlinked with our passion for hiking, because in this way we manage to burn some of the calories 🙂 .

Walking tours in the province of Almería

Andalusia, or in our case the province of Almeria, is a real El Dorado for hiking lovers. As we are located between the sea and mountains, it is possible to discover something new each and every day. There are breathtaking hikes along the sea, where you can put your feet (or submerge even all of yourself) into the water every now and then. You can also hike through the Ramblas (dry riverbeds) over thick rocks and through fine sand. And if you are drawn to the mountains, you can climb steep passages located directly behind our house, off into the mountains, the Sierra Cabrera, or in the surrounding area in the woods near Séron.

Hikes can be kept very short, but there are just as many long-distance hikes. There are hiking tours for flatland Tyroleans, as well as for energetic mountain goats. On some hikes, you might even encounter little challenges, which will bring joy to the adventurer in all of us. Some are circular routes, others go only in one direction, or even there and back …

In the case of “one-way hikes”, we offer a “shuttle service” by arrangement: we will drop you off at the starting point and park your car at your final destination. And for the happily exhausted, we will come to pick you up when you’ve finished.

If you require a snack in between the meals or for a quick energy boost, we would be happy to organize that for you,

You like to hike and enjoy our hiking paths and their stories? If you are interested in learning more about Almeria as a hiking area, then have a look here to read up on more hiking tours and ideas that we have compiled for you! From now on you will find a steadily growing number of wonderful hikes with a few pictures, that will leave you wanting.

Furthermore, we post impressions of our hikes on a regular basis which can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.

We share our hikes on Wikiloc so you can follow them at any time.

Hiking in Andalusia – our most beautiful walks in the province of Almería

… and one more remark about the duration of the hikes: we take a lot of photos and constantly stray left and right from the path … so that doesn’t really mean anything 😉