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Beaches near Mojácar – a treat not to miss!

Beaches near Mojácar and what to expect when visiting

An overview of the beaches near Mojácar

The beaches near Mojácar are one of the main attractions of this overall special and beautiful area. Actually this is true for all the beaches of the Costa de Almería.

Due to the volcanic origin of this region and the obvious forces of nature you explore an extraordinary shoreline full of impressive rock formations. Especially in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata you will find an enormous amount of small and quite isolated bays. They offer you the most amazing beaches, crystal clear water and unspoiled scenery.

To keep the surroundings spotless, natural and as beautiful as they are, you will not find any Chiringuitos (beach bars) on those beaches. In particular this also means you will find no drinks or food to buy, neither will you find any facilities.

But due to health reasons you shouldn’t stay out in the sun during the hottest hours anyway. That means you just walk or drive to the nearest small village, where you can then enjoy some lovely fresh fish. You might as well order an ice-cold beer or a good glass of wine and use the facilities, so you can later enjoy your Siesta on the beach again.

Most of the beaches near Mojácar and especially the ones of Cabo de Gata are naturist beaches. Actually all beaches which are not public town and village beaches are sort of “everybody wears what he wants” beaches. The choice if to wear or not to wear any swimwear is optional.

The beaches of Mojácar Playa

But let’s start by introducing the most beautiful stretch of beach in Mojácar itself. It is the one of Ventanicas-El-Cantal with very fine sand, clean water and an easy access into the sea. As this is a village beach you find plenty of Chiringuitos, restaurants and other service like showers, red cross etc.

You can easily spend your entire day here, renting some sun beds and a parasol at e.g. Playa Blanca or Tito’s. They will also serve drinks to your sun bed so all you need to do is relax.

If at lunchtime you feel like enjoying some nice, typical food we advice a cosy Tapabar just across the street. It’s called “El Sitio”. Or if you feeling a bit sporty why don’t you take a nice walk on the beach to the “AKU-AKU“, the Chiringuito in Mojácar with the best Paella around.

And who knows – after a good lunch you might just cuddle yourself onto the same odd sun bed as before. Or you go and explore some of the other beautiful beaches near Mojácar.

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