Cycling in Andalusia – what a place!

Thanks to our mild climate, you as a cyclist will meet your needs all year round. Although due to higher temperatures in summer the seasons of autumn, winter and spring should be more pleasant. The surroundings of Mojácar satisfy every racing cyclist due to the countless cycling tours on lonely roads (very much the opposite of cycling Mallorca ☺ through the almost virgin nature of endless olive groves and juicy orange plantations. The Mountain bikers find their treats in the surrounding mountains, which offer anything from gentle ascents to skyrocketing difficult tracks and bringing your body to absolute limits.

The stunning scenery, perfectly developed roads leading you up to more than 1000m heights will make every biker’s hart beat faster. With a bit of luck you might even ride across some famous racing tour professionals from Team Katuscha or Belkin, who pitch their winter-trainings camps here in Mojácar.

If your legs turn to jelly now thinking that you need to be a real freak to cycle in our area, than calm down – you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings around one of the most beautiful white villages of Spain and its endless coastline with an E-Bike, which will “invisibly” support you going up some of the hills around us without anybody even knowing.

If you want to rent your bicycle then we do love to help you. On your arrival everything will already be organized – only helmet, pedals and the correspondent shoe need to be brought together with the lust for challenging tours.

Eventually after a good and exhausting ride, either with the racing bicycle or a MTB, the one or other muscle might ache – in such case just spontaneously book yourself into our Sauna and let your body recover whilst enjoying a really good sports massage. That’ll make you fit enough for a new day of cycling in Andalusia.

Chameleon acting as a model for the cyclist taking fotos
Small group of three cyclists enjoy the lovely scenery
Mountainbiking in the village of Mojacar when reaching his goal.

Watching one of these videos regarding racing and mountainbiking might be interesting 🙂 :

Cycling Holidays in Mojácar

Moutainbiking in Mojácar