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The 5 Top Events in Mojácar you shouldn’t miss!

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The 5 Top Events in Mojácar you shouldn’t miss!

In Andalusia (and thus in Mojácar as well) there are lots of Fiesta’s – almost every weekend one – but we herewith present the 5 Top Events in Mojácar, you definitely shouldn’t miss this year! Usually, the good name of some Saint is used to put away a lot of beer, wine and delicious regional dishes.

We had always believed, Spaniards were ultraconservative and celebrated in the name of faith. Far from that! Just like many others, they are more concerned about their physical wellbeing than catholic fundamental thoughts.

We herewith present a short overview of the Top 5 Events, you definitely shouldn’t miss this year:

1. Indalo de los Flores

In May the May Cross Festivals take place in many parts of Spain and especially in Andalusia. For this occasion, whose origin is religiously justified, the inhabitants create crosses that are made of flowers. At the end of the processions, the most beautiful ones are awarded.

Fiestas in Mojácar | Indalo de las Flores

Based on its historical past, Mojácar doesn’t make crosses of flowers, but of Indalos.

The Indalo is the symbol of the province of Almería and dates back to the 7.000-year-old cave paintings. These paintings were found in the northern part of the province. In the meantime, the Cueva de Los Letreros – the cave’s name – belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. We will be more than happy to arrange a visit for you.

The highlight of the party is the procession, when the villagers, accompanied by various bands move from one Indalo to the other. Of course, there is much of music, dance, food and drinks….after all, that’s what a Fiesta is all about!

2. Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos

The history of this Fiesta

Mojácar has its still tangible roots in a rich and diverse cultural heritage. It will forever shape the physical appearance of the people and the character of its inhabitants.

At the beginning of the 8th century, the Iberian peninsula was almost completely conquered and occupied by an Arabian army. A large part of the armed forces were Berber tribes from current Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Due to their dark skin colour, they were called Moors – derived from the Greek word “Mauros” (=dark).

Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - christian soldier

Straight after the occupation the „Reconquista“ started, a 7 year lasting reconquest of Spain by the Christian troops.

The story goes, that the catholic king, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile sent an envoy to Mojácar on 10th June 1488. “I am as much a Spaniard as you are” the Moorish mayor would have answered the envoy, who had requested him to return to Africa. “You must treat us like brothers not as enemies”.

Once the city was transferred to the Christians, the inhabitants of Mojácar were allowed to continue cultivating their lands.

Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - moorish archer

There weren’t any winners or losers and the nature of this peaceful coexistence and the mutual respect between cultures and regions, between Moors, Catholics and Jewish still lives in the hearts of the people of Mojácar.

Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - parade
Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - parade
Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - parade
Fiestas in Mojácar | Moros y Cristianos - parade

The Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos today

The ‘Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos’ in Mojácar, which is organized every year around 10th June origins from this historical fact.

The inhabitants of Mojácar always look forward to this Fiesta and start preparations in time. The entire city is divided into different guilds, the „Cábilas“, and passes the streets in original costumes as Arabian or Christian soldiers and commanders.

Highlights are the procession for the arrival of the Christian troops in the city. Furthermore the exhibition matches and equestrian games on the beach. And finally the procession for the exodus of Moorish troops. Actors, musicians, riders, dancers, commanders, troops and many other ingredients delight the public – Colour, noise and cheerfulness like a story from a thousand and one nights.

3. Noche de San Juan

This is the Christian version of the heathen Midsummer night party.

Usually, people of Mojácar celebrate this party on the beach as well. However, we don’t eat freshly caught North Sea crab. Instead people usually start barbecuing in the late afternoon. Large groups of families and friends meet each other to become “victim” of the biggest virtue, the enjoyment of wine and food.

As soon as it gets dark, people light large stakes on the beach. People dance, drink and play music and eat some Manchego cheese or Iberian ham. The highlight of „Noche de San Juan“ is around midnight, when all partygoers dive into the sea. To welcome the longest day of the year, to rinse sins, to cool off and to become sober enough to continue the party…

Fiestas in Mojácar | Noche de San Juan - fire on the beach


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4. Noche de las Velas

Fiestas in Mojácar | Noche de las Velas

We celebrate this relatively “new-fashioned” party in honour of the tears of Saint Lorenzo. During the Lorenzo nights hundreds of falling stars can be admired. In this night the city government turns off all electric lights to allow visitors of Mojácar to admire the starry sky in all its splendour and beauty.

The city radiates in the warm, muffled light of the candles. Shops and restaurants are open and light their buildings exclusively with candles. The smell of warm wax blows through the streets. Fire-eaters and other fire artists impassion the visitors. It is a wonderful and very special night in Mojácar.

5. Fiestas Patronales de San Agustin

This Fiesta includes all kinds of festivities in honour of the patron saint of Mojácar, Saint Augustin. All over the village, there are sports activities and Carnival until the early hours. Highlights are the „Corridas de Cintas“, a kind of equestrian games (tilting at the ring). The women of Mojácar wear their historical costumes and bring water and flowers as a sacrifice to the church. They carry the water on their head in traditional clay cans. Also, this party is also accompanied by music, dance, food and drinks…

Fiestas in Mojácar | San Agustin
Fiestas in Mojácar | San Agustin
Fiestas in Mojácar | Ronda de Tuna
Fiestas in Mojácar | parade for indalos de mayo
Fiestas in Mojácar | semana santa

That was it! Our overview of the 5 TOP Events in Mojácar, you definitely shouldn’t miss this year!

If you want to know more about what’s going on and how we party you can also read our blogpost on the “Día de Andalucía” or check out the tourism office of Mojácar.

… and talking of the Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos: did you know that our room »Pedro Ximenez« was inspired by the Moors?

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