Flights to Almería

Which airports are convenient when visiting the Costa de Almería?

Flights to Almería: Which airports are convenient when visiting the Costa de Almería?

To get to Mojácar, or anywhere else on the Gulf of Almería, you have several airports to choose from. There are many options for flying to the Costa de Almería, but to make it easier for you to choose, we have listed the different alternatives in this blog article – along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Almería Airport

Only 75 km away from us, this is the nearest airport to Mojácar. And that makes it the most popular airport for our guests, of course.

Unfortunately, it mainly offers domestic flights. So if you’re coming via Madrid or Barcelona, this airport is perfect.

For visitors from Belgium and the Netherlands (and the border area with Germany), Almería Airport is also a good destination. At least during the summer schedules, Transavia from Rotterdam, as well as Tuifly, Ryanair and Brussels Airlines from Charleroi and Brussels Zaventem fly to Almería several times a week. In winter, it’s always worth taking a look across the border into Belgium.

And finally, visitors from Great Britain: in summer, there are various departure airports from which you can fly to Almería. In winter, the offer is limited to the greater London area.

Murcia-Corvera Airport

With a distance of approx. 120km, Murcia-Corvera Airport is particularly popular among our English-speaking guests. There are several flights a week from the UK and Ireland. To get to us, you can choose between the A7 and the AP7. The A7 is free of charge, on the AP7 you have to pay about 12€. But you can save yourself the money, because there is hardly any traffic on the A7 and since almost no one uses the AP7, the risk of falling asleep from boredom on this route is a lot higher 😉

For all visitors from Belgium, TUI fly Belgium also offers flights from Antwerp and Oostende-Brugge to Murcia-Corvera.

Alicante Airport

The favourite airport of almost all guests. Alicante Airport is one of the international Spanish airports, which is why there are so many flights arriving from all over the world. Especially during high season, there are daily flights from almost everywhere.

For our guests from Germany in particular, Alicante Airport is the most frequently used one.

With a 2-hour drive, even the rest of the journey is quite relaxed – there is hardly any traffic on the highway and you can consider the time spent driving as part of your holiday. You arrive really early and would like to explore something special on the way to us? Or you want to know which restaurant has the best food on the way to Mojácar? Send us an email and we will happily help you with some tips.

Málaga Airport

Of course, with a three-hour drive, Málaga airport is the furthest away. But because it is the largest airport in southern Spain, it has two unbeatable advantages:

  1. The largest amount of flight connections per day.
    Many guests who want to get the most out of their holidays come via Málaga. They often find flight connections with which they arrive early and only leave late at night. That way you can win valuable hours of sunshine 😉
    Alternatively, you can book an afternoon flight to Málaga if you don’t want to be at the airport of departure at 3:00 am only to sleep the day away after arriving. The choice is yours …
  2. Due to the high volume of flights, there is a certain level of competition, which means that some routes are simply offered at very attractive prices. A look at this airport is thus always recommendable, and if you can save some cash on the flight, you have a little extra for your travel budget. That’ s a lot better spent on food and drink, isn’t it?

And as for the route – the same applies as for Alicante. Along the route from Málaga to Mojácar there is a lot to discover and you can definitely have a good meal. We are happy to offer advice and assistance here as well.

Flights to Almería – a few tips to keep in mind

For all those who live on the border to another country, I always recommend taking a look in that country, as well. I’m currently on a plane to Eindhoven to visit my parents in Belgium. But Eindhoven offered me both the better time and the better price. And from Brussels to my parents house it’s even further than from Eindhoven. So the Netherlands clearly won this one. I’ll also fly back from “Holland”, but then with a different airline – it always pays to compare.

There is no shortage of flights to Almería and Mojácar – it’s just a question of which one suits you best in terms of flight timetables and budget.

A description of how to get to us from each of these airports can be found here. And if you need a suggestion on renting a car – our neighbour offers fair prices and conditions through his company Mocar. … and any problems can be quickly resolved on-site. You can contact Mocar by email and as our guest you will be given an attractive discount 😉 .

Apart from that, we always recommend Google. Google’s flight search function allows you to search for, find and compare flights from all airlines very easily. There is no need to look up each individual airline’s website and note down the flights in order to compare them. Google gives you all this in a handy no-fuss overview.

You’d like to stay with us, but you’re still struggling to find flights to Almería? Before you get all nervous or lose interest, just send us an SOS telling us exactly where you’re coming from, and we’ll help you to find the best flight! With our service, your holiday already starts with easy planning 😉

Flights to Almería - which airports are convenient?