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Welcome to our blog. The blog of Cortijo El Sarmiento will be written and maintained mostly by me; I’m Yvonne, taking care of your reservations, as well as being your attendant on-site. Contributions will come from the best husband in the world Carsten, with observations from our security guard Motzi, our not-so-grumpy cat.

Visiting us here in our lovely Bed and Breakfast you are also likely to meet Reiner and Marlene, Yvonnes parents who spend their vacations in Mojácar and than end up lending helping hands most of the time.

In future you will find articles on Mojacar and it’s surroundings, the entire Province of Almeria, excursions and things to do, beaches, weather, food, climate – you name it. And if there’s anything more specific you would like to know just drop us an email to info@el-sarmiento.com . As long as your question is related to our area we are very sure we can help you or we’ll find it out for you. We have a very deep knowledge about the entire region.

We hope you will find the information on this Blog interesting and inspiring and we really hope it will make you want to visit us here at our beautiful B&B in idyllic Mojácar, Almería.  Being an innkeeper is big fun and we love meeting new people and besides that, our real desire is to share with you “our” spot in Andalusia.

We hope you enjoy reading and if there is a specific topic you would like to read more about, please let us know. We love interaction and will always integrate your wishes and ideas.

Andalusian Food Recipes – simple and so delicious

Andalusian Food Recipes – simple and so delicious My 3 favourite Andalusian summer soups… I love Andalusian food and collect every Andalusian Food recipe I can get hold of. It can get really hot here in summer. Therefore, cold soups are extremely popular. They refresh and don’t burden the organism even more. Gazpacho is often…
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Meine Tipps für Almería

“meine Tipps für Almería” ist ein Gastbeitrag von Nicole Biarnés von Freibeuter Reisen Almeria ist eine bisher wenig entdeckte Ecke Andalusiens … Im Gegensatz zu der Gegend um Malaga herum, die wirklich schön, aber eben auch schon sehr voll ist, findest Du hier noch wunderschöne Naturlandschaften, authentische kleine Dörfer und tolle Menschen. Um sich abseits…
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Women in a race bike in front of the sea

Cycling in Mojácar – best cycling holiday in Spain

Cycling in Mojacar – 5 secrets you need to know The increase of cycling in Mojacar during the last years Whenever you try to go down to Mojácar Playa in autumn or spring you can already spot them. No, we are not talking about celebrity spotting. What you’ll spot will be lots of cyclists –…
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5 Top Events in Mojácar

5 Top Events in Mojácar not to miss

The 5 Top Events in Mojácar you shouldn’t miss! In Andalusia (and thus in Mojácar as well) there are lots of Fiesta’s – almost every weekend one – but we herewith present the 5 Top Events in Mojácar, you definitely shouldn’t miss this year! Usually, the good name of some Saint is used to put…
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Beaches near Mojácar

Beaches near Mojácar – a treat not to miss!

Beaches near Mojácar and what to expect when visiting An overview of the beaches near Mojácar The beaches near Mojácar are one of the main attractions of this overall special and beautiful area. Actually this is true for all the beaches of the Costa de Almería. Due to the volcanic origin of this region and…
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Pampaneira - small streets

Pampaneira – the village even God left France for

.,, Yes I’m sure he did, because I have been to Pampaneira and met him there. Well, in the form of guess what … Food and Wine. Gosh, why do I feel like my whole life is just about eating and drinking. Let’s face the truth…. Pampaneira – the village of carpets and gourmet products…
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Hiking in Almeria in spring

Hiking in Almeria – a perfect rest for body and soul It’s spring and the weather immediately invites you to go hiking in Almeria. The international hiking fans gradually awaken from their wet, grey and dark countries. They pack their hiking boots and book a flight to sunny Andalusia. After all, spring it too beautiful.…
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Mojacar weather whims in January 2017

A. Mojacar weather and it’s strange mood beginning of 2017 Mojacar’s weather forecast The Mojacar weather forecast, in general, is a nice thing to listen to, and it goes something like this: The mild Mediterranean climate enables visits of Andalusia to be made all over the year. All kinds of activities can be practiced between…
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Fiesta in Andalusia - El día de Andalucía

Fiesta in Andalusia – El Día de Andalucía

most importa Día de Andalucía – the most important Fiesta in Andalusia On 28th. of February we celebrate the most important Fiesta in Andalusia, the Día de Andalucía. It’s the day when, back in 1980, Andalusia voted for the statute to be an autonomous community. If you want to find out more about history and politics…
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