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Delicious dishes and wines from Andalucia

Enjoying a great meal is one of the most delightful experiences in the world – especially when you can relish it together with a glass of fine wine and good company.

And where would there be a better opportunity than with hosts who not only love to cook but who also know wines?

We’re ready to admit – we are epicures, and we understand just how nice it feels to feast to your heart’s content while on vacation. Therefore, we offer you, here at the Cortijo, a lovely selection of culinary delights:
In addition to our rich breakfast with homemade jams and many delicious “pick-me-ups”, we provide three times a week, either a tempting dinner menu (starting from 4 people) or a tasting of Andalusian delicacies with matching wines from Andalucia.

Cortijo El Sarmiento | cheers in the sunset

… for more details …

Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - Aperitif
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - Aperitif
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - sunset
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - preparing Aperitif

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We invite you to wine tastings (Yvonne is a certified wine consultant and sommelier and so you’ll not only taste fine wines but also learn a lot of interesting facts about the art of winemaking),

and – in keeping with the spirit of Spanish tradition – we are having fun at Jamon-Y-Queso-evenings …

Most ingredients of our small and large delicacies come directly from the local farms in the area. Seasonal and freshly harvested, we use them to conjure up the most delicious dishes.

Our Cortijo may be small, but in our kitchen, we bake, braise, toast, cook, stew and grill extensively and cook up a storm – creativity producing the really palatable.

Let us surprise you!

Wine is bottled poetry
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Wine from Andalucia

Cortijo El Sarmiento | bottels and barrels at Bodegas Pagos de Indalia

Spain offers a variety of wonderful, delicious white wines, rosé wines, red wines, dessert wines and not to forget Cava, the noble Spanish sparkling wine from Catalonia.

Connoisseurs love our variety of wines so let the aromas and delights of Andalusian wines seduce your palate.

Here in Almería, we grow both, red and white wines, and they taste great. But Andalucia also has fine sherries and delicious liqueur wines.

We’re already raving again … but what are words when you can try for yourself how good Spanish wines are, and how with matching dishes they’ll transport you to new culinary heights!

Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - having conversation
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - Aperitif
Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | enjoying wine and views
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar

Bed & Breakfast Plus – with delicacies from all over Europe

A typical Spanish breakfast consists of coffee and light and fluffy tostadas – that’s toasted bread, either with grated tomato and olive oil or with jam and butter.

Yummy, but we think a real bed-and-breakfast should include a bit more.

That’s why we’ve added to it pretty much everything that comes with a good European breakfast – starting from egg dishes which we prepare as desired, various types of bread, cheese and hearty cold cuts, to delicious homemade jams and honey from the region. There is a choice of fresh fruit or fruit salad, freshly squeezed fruit juice, various types of muesli and much more.
In keeping with the season, we use freshly harvested products from our local farmers.

With a Cortijo breakfast, you are well prepared for your upcoming vacation day …

Cortijo El Sarmiento | Breakfast in Mojácar - serving eggs
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Breakfast in Mojácar - handmade jams
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Breakfast in Mojácar - serving eggs
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Breakfast in Mojácar
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Breakfast in Mojácar - full table

And when the kitchen has a break …

… simply feast on one of the many cosy restaurants that are available in the area. Feel like indulging in fish or meat, a typically Spanish dish or something international? We’ll be happy to recommend the perfect restaurant or provide you with one of our insider tips for a nice evening away.

Cortijo El Sarmiento | Bars in Almería
Cortijo El Sarmiento | having drinks in Real Beach Club, Agua Amarga
Cortijo El Sarmiento | out for tapas - Tapa Bar in Vera
Cortijo El Sarmiento | out for paella - enjoing the paellas in Aku Aku
a meal without wine is called breakfast

… and of course our IHK-certified wine consultant, sommelier and therefore pleasure expert can’t let this happen at our dinners.