About us and our Boutique Hotel in Spain | Cortijo El Sarmiento

Once upon a time, there was a small
rural Cortijo in Mojácar, Andalusia …

Yep, this is just about how our story started.

Find out more about us
and Cortijo El Sarmiento – our Boutique Hotel in Spain

¡Hola y bienvenidos!

See the four happy folks right in front of you?
We are your hosts – Yvonne and Carsten Schnoor and Yvonne’s parents Marlene and Reiner.

(Looking at the picture from the left to the right:
Carsten, Marlene, Yvonne & Reiner)

Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | we are your hosts

If you’re wondering how we ended up here, running our dream boutique hotel in Andalucia, scroll down a little further and we’ll tell you our story, but first things first …

… cause our “about us” should really be all about YOU!

We strongly believe that a guest is someone special and is entitled, yes entitled, to having a great time. And that’s exactly what we want you to experience – every single day.

So, when you visit, be prepared for some passionate hospitality.

The kind that’s eager to welcome you in and instantly makes you feel at home. That loves to spoil you with attention and senses when you prefer to be left alone. That notices the little details and provides great service. That has an appreciation for great food and wines. The kind of hospitality that leaves you feeling good all over.

In a nutshell – we want to be the kind of hosts that you are sorry to leave and can’t wait to return to.

double room with king-size bed in Mojacar | patio to relax in the shade
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - Aperitif
double room with king-size bed in Mojacar | room Albariño bed with towels

Cortijo El Sarmiento attracts citizens of the world and the young at heart. Most of our guests stay at least a week and enjoy the relaxed and amicable atmosphere. Nestled in the hillsides of Mojácar, our traditional Cortijo is close to nature and invites its guests to meet and connect.

It’s a cheerful atmosphere, where you’ll hear laughter and witty comments all day long. You might find yourself relaxing at the pool or exploring the hills and the close-by beaches during the day, and later on, you might want to join everyone for dinner and some deep conversations over home-cooked meals paired with great Spanish wines.

You’ll meet open-minded people with a positive outlook on life and a thirst to learn about new places, cultures and lifestyles. They come to our Cortijo to have a great time.

Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | Beaches Cala La Granatilla
Cortijo El Sarmiento | Dinner in Mojácar - serving dinner
Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | Alcazaba in Almería

We might have only seven rooms, but we can converse with you in five languages, (Dutch … or more Flamish, German, English, French and Spanish).

So, there we are! Let us know what makes you happy and we’ll go out and try to make it happen!

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you!

Yvonne & Carsten
Marlene & Reiner

Ahhh, yes. You said you were interested in hearing how we ended up in our Dream Boutique Hotel in Andalucia …

Cortijo El Sarmiento | out for paella - enjoing the paellas in Aku Aku
Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | Beaches Playa de los Genoveses
Cortijo El Sarmiento Mojácar | donkey